SEO and site optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website include a wide range of actions aimed at improving the position and ranking of your website in search engine results. These services are performed after the website design stage to make your website more visible and thus improve the ranking and display of the website to users in relevant searches. The main purpose of doing SEO for a website is to improve the ranking and thus show the website better to users if they search for terms related to you. If you are looking for serious growth and development in your business, SEO or site optimization is the best strategy to achieve these goals. Performing search engine optimization will help your website to be seen better and achieve better results in search engines, which will also significantly improve your website traffic and visits.

Why SEO is necessary for the site?

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Checking the current SEO status of the site

Search engine optimization services for websites usually begin with an assessment of the website’s current SEO status. At this stage, the general problems of the website are identified such as not optimizing the loading speed, not using the tags correctly, and more. Carrying out all steps of website SEO optimization is completely dependent on a detailed review and final analysis of the website’s status.

SEO technical services

In the next stage of evaluating the SEO status of the website, errors related to the technical aspects of SEO such as optimizing HTML codes and tags, improving the loading speed of the site using compression methods, as well as setting the Sitemap, Robots.txt file and redirects are resolved. At this stage, the issues related to the optimization of the mobile version of the website are also reviewed and corrected. Also, fixing crawl problems and common WordPress errors is also one of the issues that are in the field of technical SEO.

Keyword research and content creation

In the content generation stage, it starts with identifying and analyzing valuable keywords. Then a suitable schedule for content preparation is prepared, in which the content upload schedule and its types are determined. After preparing the content program, it is necessary to continuously and continuously produce suitable content compatible with the principles and standards of SEO and choose the appropriate title and tags for the content. This process is very important because quality and optimized content plays a significant role in improving rankings and attracting website traffic. Therefore, paying attention to details and presenting content with high value and attractiveness is of particular importance.

Formulation of SEO strategy

In order to progress a project, it is extremely important to have an SEO strategy that is fully compatible with all the demands and requirements of that business. This strategy plays a very vital role in the success and progress of the project and can be used as a general guide for the optimal implementation of SEO activities. The professional Internet SEO team with the knowledge and experience it has in the field of SEO projects can assume this essential role with full confidence. Hence, if you are looking to improve and optimize the performance of your website, you can transfer this sensitive issue to our team and benefit from our professional and efficient services. Trusting our experience and expertise will be an important step towards achieving your SEO goals and improving your website’s ranking.

link building

At first, according to the current state of the site and competitor analysis, a comprehensive review of the link creation strategy is done. This review includes checking the strengths and weaknesses of your site and competitors, analyzing incoming and outgoing links, and checking the structure of links and their quality. Then, according to the results obtained from the survey, a comprehensive strategy for link building in social networks and content production according to the goals and needs of the site is developed. This strategy includes choosing the most suitable social networks, determining interesting and valuable topics and contents for sharing, and determining methods of communicating with audiences and attracting quality links. In the next step, the strategy of using ad reportage on popular and reliable websites to increase the visibility and traffic of the site is examined. This includes choosing the right websites to publish ads, designing attractive ads and attracting target users to the related site. Finally, using analytical tools such as Webmaster Tools, penalized or low quality links are identified and removed. This action is aimed at improving SEO and improving the ranking of the site in search engines, which plays a very important role in the long-term success of the site.

Analysis of competitors

Competitor analysis is done continuously in the whole process of search engine optimization (SEO). Any small progress we make in this process is valuable, and we try to improve our SEO strategy by constantly reviewing and monitoring the results of the work done, as well as checking the competitors. In fact, evaluating and comparing our performance with our competitors can help us identify our strengths and weaknesses and thus improve our SEO strategy. Analyzing competitors in SEO can help us find the best methods and solutions to improve the ranking and display of our site in internet search results. By reviewing and comparing competitors’ sites, we can understand their patterns and performance and get inspiration from them. Also, by checking the keywords used by competitors and their rankings, we can choose the right keywords for our SEO strategy.

why us?

We are an energetic, creative and progressive team that seeks to create an innovative strategy in the online advertising space using past experiences and deep knowledge in the field of advertising trends. Our goal is to create an advanced and efficient advertising architecture that will create new opportunities and more success for our customers by closely matching the needs and demands of the business environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Websites that are placed in the first results receive the most traffic and views.

SEO increases the website’s ranking in search engine results and increases its traffic.

Websites that are placed in the first results receive the most traffic and views.

Using the right keywords increases users’ access to the website and increases its ranking.

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices and the importance of the mobile version in search algorithms.